Subscription Payments

For subscription or installment business models, PayU takes care of the secure storage of credit card data and periodically manages collections.

Ideal for businesses

Offering memberships, subscriptions, policies, receipts or services at a fixed cos.

Processing payments for recurring clients, saving their data to avoid re-entry for every payment.

Using installment payments.

Benefits of Subscription Payments

  • Flexibility


    You can create, modify and cancel subscriptions and add additional charges easily through the PayU Module or via API.



    You can schedule payments as often as you need.

    Payment methods

    Payment methods

    Accept all regional and even international credit cards.

  • Security


    Customers’ cards are securely tokenised and stored in our PCI-DSS level 1 compliant secure vault.



    Neither you or your client are concerned about late payments.

¿How does Subscription Payments work?

  • Create payment plans (e.g. how much to collect and the frequency of collection).

    Assign each of your clients the corresponding payment plan.

    Start receiving scheduled payments.

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