Anti-Fraud Module

PayU’s solution monitors and evaluates online transactions made with credit and debit cards to detect and prevent fraud.

Why you need PayU Anti-Fraud Module

Reduce financial losses from fraudulent transactions

Minimise manual validation and increase efficiency


Decrease costs through PayU and our close cooperation with relevant authorities

We constantly strengthen our service

  • Easy integration and use

    Easy integration and use

    Control and manage all your transactions in our anti-fraud module designed to make your operation more efficient.

    Constant improvement

    Constant improvement

    E-commerce fraud changes every day. Therefore, we are constantly improving to provide you with the best service and greater protection.



    PayU Anti-Fraud Module is tailored to each business’s specific anti-fraud requirements.

¿How does PayU Anti-Fraud Module work?

  • It analyses vast numbers of transactions and spots new methods fraudsters are using.

    It then applies these insights to all transactions and immediately flags, denies or challenges any suspicious transaction.

    A challenge sends the transaction to consultants who manually review it and make a decision on whether to accept it or reject it.

  • This in turn reduces chargeback rates, false positives and provides safety when expanding into new markets.

    PayU Anti-Fraud Module enables flexibility in pinpointing risk areas specific to your business.

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