2020 Hot Sale results in Argentina

In the most recent edition of Hot Sale, expectations of e-commerce were exceeded. PayU presents a summary of this experience with insights related to the increase in virtual sales during July 27th, 28th and 29th.

Hot Sale in Argentina

As in the rest of the planet, the Covid-19 pandemic has led Argentina to an unprecedented crisis, since March difficult days have been experienced due to the long quarantine and uncertainty, with negative effects on the economy. However, technological advances have offered relief in many fields and especially in the commercial field, since online shopping has become the solution for the acquisition of goods and services without risks to the population’s health.


The recent edition of the Argentina Hot Sale shows a positive economic revival for many companies and businesses. In addition, due to the preventive measure of social isolation, online shopping, already common in this type of commercial event, has increased.


The largest number of sales were made through credit and debit cards, which represents about 90% of the processing of electronic commerce in PayU.


Thanks to our analysis and measurement systems, we were able to identify that the edition of the Hot Sale was satisfactorily accomplished, achieving a sales growth of 24% compared to the edition of the Hot Sale last year (May 13, 14 and 15) of 2019, and a growth in transactions of 54%.


The purchase was concentrated in the following categories: Sporting goods stores (48%) and family clothing stores (27%). Categories that contributed more than 300 million to all the activity.


The cities with the highest participation in this event were: Buenos Aires (24%), Córdoba (10%), Rosario (9%) and Mendoza (5%). These cities had a daily increase in their purchases during each of the days in the value of sales. The following was the growth in sales presented with respect to the average of a normal day: On the first day it presented a growth of (158%), for the following day the growth was (140%) and on day 3 the growth was of (96%).


This and future events of online shopping in Argentina will confirm that this way of business is the best answer for the new reality that we will live. It is the perfect opportunity to buy what is wanted at a good price and without risks for consumers and also to continue generating sales and growth opportunities for companies.