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Find the best products and features to fit your needs and the technical support you need. We offer API, SDK and Web Checkout integrations to ensure you can have the best solution. Select what you need and our sales team will help you get started.

  • Tokenization

    You can ensure safe transactions, higher conversion rates and a reduction in fraudulent transactions by using tokenization

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  • Promotions

    Offer your clients the opportunity to pay with interest free months

  • One Click Buy

    Use our tokenization solution to start receiving payments in one click and increase your conversion rates.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Our reports give you valuable insights to improve your business.

Accepts all major payment methods..

Including cash payments, bank transfers, credit cards and more

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Frequently asked questions.

We offer different options for integration with our platform to fit your needs, technical capacity and budget.

Integration options available are:

1.    Web Checkout Integration: Connect your online store with the PayU platform and when your customer clicks the button to pay, they will be directed straight to our checkout website to make the payment.
2.    Integration API: You can connect your online store to the PayU platform and the checkout process will be handled on your website.  To integrate this option you must have a PayU Business account and advanced programming skills. (Currently unavailable for global merchants).
3.    Plugins shopping carts: You can use many third party shopping carts or pre-integrated solutions to process your payments through us. Click here to see the plugins available.  
4.    Payment Button: A button that allows you to connect your blog or website to our payment gateway, without requiring additional development. This is the best solution if you only have a few products.  

For more information about the integration options and additional solutions that we offer, visit our documentation page here

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